Audit Log system

Do you use an audit log system for Karbon? Your own?

We have created audit log systems for one of our custom projects based on Karbon, however it isn’t in the default feature, nor are there plans to add it (at least for the near future). @lance might want to weigh on with some recommendations.

Karbon_Kontroller is well suited to build an audit log because it uses transactions, but maintaining a true audit log would be restrictive. I haven’t written up the specifications for what it would take to capture a true audit log, but here are the basic rules:

  1. All create, edit, & delete must happen in Karbon_Kontroller to be audited.
  2. Pre & Post must be captured before & after all edits (captured as JSON in a file called Karbon_Audits)
  3. Auto Enter Calculations can NOT be used in field definitions because this can cause changes during the commit. (same for lookups)

There are other rules depending on how reliable you need the audit log to be. I’d be happy to discuss further based on your needs.