Generator - Documentation


Hello Karbonos. Or Karbonteers.
Is there any documentation on generator. Seems this tool is very important to master in the Karbon workflow.
Need to understand how to import FM objects from the clipboard. If I want to map fields from table to table in FM how do I do this easily?


Karboneros? :wink:

My notifications were going to junk so I somehow missed this. We don’t have docs on it yet, because it’s nowhere near ready to release. In its present state, it’s a hacked together dev build that needs a lot of work.


Probably superfluous to mention, but I believe it’s critical to have a docs to gain adoption to Karbon. Would it be a good idea to have docs that are equally ”unfinished” as the system? I guess docs could be one of more steps ahead of its implementation. For me it would be interesting to have an indication of what’s next in Karbon in the form of work in progress docs.


I agree. It’s not the first time someone has mentioned this. So far nobody has offered to write the docs—are you volunteering?