Selector Connector performance


My tiny experience with Selector Connector suggests that it will slow down a system considerably - what are the things to look out for so that this won’t happen?


That hasn’t been my experience, but I suppose it all depends on the specific case. I would only address this if I ran into an issue.


Adding Selector Connector to an older system with a lot of records, can have unintended performance consequences.

Many of these come from copy and pasted layout calcs. These calcs can be sitting on the a context that doesn’t work and therefor have no effect on performance, BUT as soon as you add Selector Connector to those layouts suddenly the calcs have a context that crosses many TOs and many records.

The worst are portal filter calcs, but hide calcs, conditional formatting can cause similar issues.

We added a feature to FMPerception to help find calcs that may be crossing the Connector, which almost certainly means they are broken.